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Citizen of The World Tanyka Renee Henry Invites Us To Share Her World

“Not all those who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien.

One of the greatest gifts you can give oneself is travel is the gift of travel. Exhilarating is one of the words the can best describe the feeling you experience when traveling. The world is an open book if you are looking for a first-class education. Class will always be in session and available at your convenience, the most important material one needs is a valid passport and the ability to be present for every experience.

If you are looking for a first-class tour guide we found the perfect one--Global Citizen Tanyka Renee Henry. Tanyka is one of the most extraordinary women I have ever had the honor of interviewing. Her spirit is inviting, warm, engaging, and optimistic.

Despite the challenges and concerns one may have as a woman, and a woman of color traveling, those do not pose to be a deterrent for Tanyka. She has admitted to traveling to over 95 different countries around the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Now that she has acquired her pilot license I think that number may expeditiously increase.

If you follow Tanyka on her social media handles as well as her website you will see that she is simply more than a "blogger and an influencer", she is the perfect example of "the modern woman, a renaissance woman." For those who are looking for inspiration, motivation, and a reason to see the world, all you have to do is follow her talks and listen to Tanyka talk about her experiences and see the picturesque images she shares with us, her fans.

The images provide artistic beautiful testimony to more than just her lavishing escapades. They quietly have become her antidote for healing a challenging life she is not ashamed to share with her loyal public. As a certified health & fitness expert, she has publicly taken action to heal herself and past traumas that have impacted her life in ways that could have altered her life in a less favorable way.

Tanyka has chosen to live her life publicly and share her challenges and triumphs with us, not for the sake of vanity, but as a tool to empower women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds to discover themselves, and to see the beauty of the world you have bestowed upon us all with your creation on this beautiful planet you are guests of.

Tanyka will continue to invite us to partake of her bountifully filled life, a world filled with beauty, culture, and splendor. So surfs up--we are about to go on some phenomenal journeys while creating a Good World.