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HXS Designer of the Year: INHERENT by Taylor Draper

May 8, 2022

Hidden X Soul is an underground philosophical arthouse that takes on controversial topics and unites people on what divides them. Its next show XYZ, directed by Amish Darr and Hira Sabuhi, is a holistic art show on gender and sexuality. The show’s philosophy is conveyed through a dynamic immersive experience of visual arts, live music, dance, theater, dining, installation design, popup shops, and a unique fashion show featuring HXS Designer of the Year, Taylor Draper. Taylor's versatile clothing design personifies authenticity and confidence. His thoughtful integration of mental wellness brings a fresh and meaningful perspective to the world of fashion, making him a perfect fit for this thought provoking art show.

Featured on Show:

Amish Darr:

HXS Arthouse Director, Lead Musician, Philosopher

Hira Sabuhi:

HXS Creative Director, Set Designer

For more information on HXS’s team members and credo, see our magazine from our last show, Colorblind.

Lead Performances: Amish Darr, Liana Harron, Shyam Lalani, Grand Pneuma, Anthony Carrera, Dank Delish, Natalie Nascenzi

Dancers: Mikaela Morisato, Mikael Pasini, Divieta Sahajwala, Sara Grassi, Heather Dutton, Lydia Yasmine Soueidan

Visual Artists: Suede, Nabila El Haitout, Brittney Ciccone, Andrey Otdelnov, Deborah Myrie, Manon Raman, Sasha Yosselani

Models: Andrew Abraham, David Adomah, Daria Tutaj, Jarell Ali, Jelena Chen, Jimmy Buntley, Karim Hawash, Maho Elshikh, Mowa Ifatusin, Olha, Suhana Jagadesan, Theotis Daniels, Azizah Hosein, Charlo Tete

Press Release: